Careers? I’m decided

You’re probably going want to read this before you start: A résumé is something that lists the talents, abilities, skills, and experiences of someone. See the definition from the dictionary here.

I think robots are super cool. You may hear that AI is going to take over the human race or steal everybody’s jobs, but we are a long way away from that. The robots and artificial intelligence we have now can only perform a single task. This does take a few jobs, but like I said, we’re very far away from that happening.

Okay. This may seem a little opposing, but… I wanna be a robotic engineer when I get older! Yeah. It’s a slight bit crazy. But my dad and I decided together that I’m going to get a masters degree in computer science and robotic engineering, and it’s my favorite job from all the choices out there. To employ and build up a really good résumé, I have to do things now when my brain isn’t fully developed and I can still cram knowledge and information in there. That’s why I’m in First Lego League. I’m pretty sure I talked about it before. In case I didn’t, I’ll tell you now.

First Lego League is a competition between different teams. Every season, the teams come up with a project that goes along with the theme. This year’s theme is hydrodynamics. My team (Right now, I’m stating that I am NOT the leader) meats in the library after school every Monday and Wednesday. Our project is a water conservation initiative. Translation: survey to get data and posters and announcements to tell people about the results of the survey, so people are more likely (we hope) to use less water. Back to the résumé deal.

First Lego League also has robots, like, good for my résumé. Seriously, in the competition, (I’m having mine on 12-9-17) we have to use robots and program them to complete missions. If we do really good, we get lots of points. If we get enough points, we can move to regional, then national! First Lego League is one of the things that will make my résumé awesome!

That’s a lot of things in one post, but it’s the end, so I will see you later!


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GOOOOOALS!!! I Want to Achieve

AidanJ and I have accomplished some things for our 20% project recently. I’ve sent our e-mail to Ms. Smith (the design and modeling teacher), and I’m working on another e-mail to Mr. Novak to ask him about putting up posters and using the gym for LEGO building competitions. Soon I’ll have it done, and it’ll be another thing on my ‘accomplishments’ list.

For December, our goal is to sell reprinted LEGO alligators, but we’ll have to send all the e-mails, have replies to print all them, and set up my 3D printer. But, it is only the beginning of December. I think we can get it all done. I even got a reply from Ms. Smith! And since I have her in 7th period, I talked to her then.

I’m feeling a little worried…

…and a slight bit overwhelmed…

…but I also feel confident that I can achieve all my goals for December.

That’s all in this post, so I will see you later!


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Traditions, Traditions!

I have a few favorite holidays. My family has lots of traditions for those holidays. Here are the holidays and traditions:

First in the year- New Year’s Eve/Day:

New Year’s day in my house is boring. Everybody sleeps in super late. New Year’s Eve, however, is a different story. It’s just a normal day. Usually some relatives or friends come over. Eventually, it’s late enough that we turn on the Times Square ball drop countdown on TV. When really late in the night, there’s usually alcohol with the adults at this point, and people are tired, and other people are drunk, some people are both. And then YAY!! Huh? Oh yeah, the ball dropped. in this moment, some people are kissing. Eew! (I know that’s immature, but I’m only 12 okay?) After that, for some reason, like, nobody goes to sleep for 30 minutes. It’s a little invigorating. When I wake up, The house is all mine… Unless I’m the last one to wake up.

Next in the year – Halloween:

Image result for halloween

On Halloween, we put on our prepared costumes an head to my dad’s friend’s parents’ house. In that neighborhood, I go trick-or-treating with my siblings. When we come back (because it’s cold or our bags are too full), we exchange candy, and eat while the adults are arguing about politics or something. When it gets really late, we all go home.

Last in the year – Christmas:

Christmas in my family is the best and the worst. When my siblings and I wake up, we don’t immediately go downstairs and open presents. We eat breakfast, then we wait for relatives to arrive – and trust me, we have a TON so it takes forever for them to get to our house – and then we open presents. Usually, I get what I ask for, but my siblings pretty much get all of what they want (especially some huge presents that are bigger than my Death Star LEGO set box! (see the dimensions here)). After present opening, we have brunch which is a mixture of yummy breakfast items brought from different relatives. Then, everybody goes home and we mess with our newly un-boxed gifts.



1st image: Unknown by Daniel Frese at Pexels | via CC Creative Commons

2nd image: Happy Halloween by Artiom P at flickr | via CC Creative Commons

3rd image: Christmas Snowman by Unknown at Max Pixel | via CC Creative Commons



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When you see it, you can only breath…

Alone in the woods, Axel ran. Away from something. Something he wished he had never seen.


“Go long, Axel!”

That was Axel’s best friend, Micheal. He threw a football over Axel’s head, into his front yard.

“I’ll get it,” said Axel.

He was about to bring it over when his mom called in through the door.

“Michael’s parents are about to arrive. You should start wrapping up.”

“But mom-”

“No whining, Axel. Now clean up.”



Later, after Michael left, Axel was picking at the dirt with a stick. The sky was darkening. He started to walk back inside. As he was in the doorway, a huge crash of thunder was overhead. He quickly jumped inside. His mom said, “It’s definitely going to rain soon.”


Axel was about to go upstairs into his room when his mother called him. “Axel, I think Charlie’s still outside!”

Charlie was their dog.

“I’ll get him.”

He was outside when he heard an even larger thunder crash. It started dribbling. He approached the dog house. The rain got harder. He bent down to see inside. When the rain was pouring so hard he could barely see in front of him, he saw a dreadful sight. No Charlie.

“Charlie!” Axel cried.

There was no way Charlie could hear him in the rain. Axel almost slipped on mud, when he saw they were dog tracks. He quickly started following them. Into the woods. He always thought it was so creepy an-

Axel slipped! He tumbled down into a small drop past the tree line. Or in Axel’s mind, the point of no return. He kept rolling until he smacked his head on a large tree root and became unconscious.


When he came to, he realized he had rolled farther and farther away from his home. He couldn’t see an opening anywhere, despite the fact that the rain had stopped. He found he was extremely thirsty, especially from his football game. He started walking along what he thought was a path until he spied a small pond. He immediately bolted toward it. He hoped so much that it would have fresh water. He stopped when he spotted a strange looking plant. No, it was a… figure. So creepy. But even worse, two glowing dots appeared parallel on its ‘head’. It approached Axel. But Axel couldn’t move. Its legs extended into the water to keep its body level. Slowly, gradually, Axel accelerated into a running sprint. The thing followed him. He kept running. Faster. Faster. He quickly glanced behind him. It was right behind him. He could see its gnarly jaws open wide. He ran even faster. Faster and longer than he had ever ran before. What happened next, he wish never happened. He tripped on a hidden tree root. He flew forward and landed in the dirt. The thing slowly plodded toward Axel. He was so terrified. He couldn’t move. What will he do?


Leave a comment below on what you think will happen next…


Attribution: Creepy Forest by MarieGrey at Deviant Art

Passion: LEGOs

My passion is Legos. I’ve been building sets since I was very young, so I have lots of experience. They always spark my creativity, and I’m never sad around them. Whether I’m building, or creating an adventure, these little plastic bricks – simple, but infinite – can keep me entertained for hours on end.

Since I love Legos so much, my parents signed me up for Lego League. At Lego League, everybody meets in the library after school ends. After that, we usually have a snack, meet up and talk about what we’re going to do for the day. Each season, there’s a different theme. This season, the theme is hydrodynamics. I think everyone who likes Legos will like Lego League. People get to research, build robots, plan out different missions, and potentially even go around the world!

Speaking of creating things, my latest creation is totally epic. It’s very similar to Batman. He has multiple gadgets, and vehicles. He fights against heroes and criminals. I personally think it’s quite cool. Here’s a picture of him and all his vehicles!:


I love building with Legos. I hope you do too!



I Wonder What Xander C’s 20% is?

I am working with Aidan for my 20% project. Our project is scanning and reprinting 3D Lego alligators to sell to raise money to donate to a hospital.

We feel very excited for our project since legos are our passion. It makes us happy that we’re going to do something major almost completely by ourselves. It is a little concerning since we didn’t actually send the e-mail to Ms. Smith until November 10th. We will try our best to complete goals before their deadlines from now on.

Our goal for November is to scan, reprint, and sell at least one LEGO alligator. To get there, we have a few steps to accomplish. First, we will have to set up a meeting time and date with Ms. Smith. Next, we need to set up my 3D printer. Once we do that, we can actually print the alligators. Lastly, we need to find a shopping website to sell our alligator (or alligators) on.

If you have any questions, see our visual aide for more information. Other than that, it’s the end of this blog, so I will see you later!

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Best teacher or best principal?

Have you ever wanted to be the principal for the week? Or what about a teacher? This is what I would do:

Week 1 – Principal:

Monday would be pajama day. Everyone would wear their pajamas according to the dress code, and optionally bring a small stuffed animal. Tuesday, each period the teachers would have the students with missing assignments stay inside while the rest were sent outside. Wednesday would be “Yes-Leave Wednesday”. That one’s pretty self-explanatory. On Thursday, during advisory or other assigned times students would play appropriate games on their chromebooks. Friday, would be all day advisory! Talk about a work catch-up day right?

Week 2 – Teacher:

On Monday, I would have a Brain Pop binge, because Tim and Moby are awesome. Tuesday, there would be a “Learn-Off”, where whoever got the most work done would get an extra point on the next quiz/test. Wednesday, students would sit wherever they wanted for that whole class. On Thursday, the class would be allowed to play appropriate and related games on their chromebooks (Ex.: Universal Paperclips would be allowed in math). Friday, students would draw a picture of a subject related object in their favorite movie/video game for after their class work was finished.


That’s all the ideas I’ve got for this one, so see ya soon!

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This blog was inspired by greatness…

Stephen Hawking is made of LEGOs in that picture. He was a theoretical physicist and a cosmologist. If you’ve seen him in photographs, you probably thought he looked a little.. uh… funky. Well, he had this disease called Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. People who are diagnosed with ALS were told they were only going to have two years left in their life because of this. Stephen Hawking lived for over 72 years after he was diagnosed with ALS, and is still living today. Isn’t that, like, awesome?

Other awesome creations are thing like these:

This tower made from 500,000 LEGO bricks is over 112 feet tall and weighs almost a whole metric ton. The students needed help from construction workers with cranes and lifts to assemble it. If you can can’t see it, the tower had to be suspended with metal wires to keep it from falling. It was made by students just like us, and they won the Guinness World Record for it!






Here are other resources and the attributions:

If you didn’t catch the hyperlinks, read about Stephen hawking here and here to read about ALS. To read the article about the LEGO tower, you can see it here. The featured image is Best LEGO Ever by griffith at MemeCenter. The next image is World’s Tallest LEGO Tower by Nadine DeNinno at International Business Times, or IBT.

That’s all in this blog, so I will see you later!


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Attribution and Licenses

Activity 1 – Attribution and Licenses: Paragraph:

To correctly attribute media, you must have a few different things. First, the title, so people know what it is. The title should be a hyper link to the media, so people don’t just see “https:\\www…” and have no idea what it is. Next, mention the creator, so he/she can be credited for the media. This should also be linked in the attribution. Lastly, you need the source linked to the original page so people know where the media came from.

Activity 2 Attribution and Licenses: Image and Poem:


Riding dirty by yohanes sanjaya at 500px Blog – 48 pictures of stormtroopers doing awesome things



The stormtrooper whooshes past rustling leaves and crackling branches of the great oak.

He spies an ominous boulder in his path.

Leaping with all his might, he and his red companion soar over.

As his tail of earth leaves him, he comes to a landing.


The crunch of metal surrounds him.

His heart fills with dread

He gazes, finding his companion in ruins.

He moans, wishing he had taken the right path when the fork had come.

Lookin’ Good Xander C!

This is my avatar. I made it at Face your Manga. I tried to make it look a lot like me, with the skin tone, face, as well as the clothes. As you can see, I did the two different greens on the shirt because green is my favorite color. I have the red jacket, because I have a nice one at my house that I really like that is red. The background has a couch because I personally enjoy sitting on one every once in a while.

Well, that’s the end of this blog.I hope you enjoyed reading it. I will see you in the next one, so see you later!


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