Attribution and Licenses

Activity 1 – Attribution and Licenses: Paragraph:

To correctly attribute media, you must have a few different things. First, the title, so people know what it is. The title should be a hyper link to the media, so people don’t just see “https:\\www…” and have no idea what it is. Next, mention the creator, so he/she can be credited for the media. This should also be linked in the attribution. Lastly, you need the source linked to the original page so people know where the media came from.

Activity 2 Attribution and Licenses: Image and Poem:


Riding dirty by yohanes sanjaya at 500px Blog – 48 pictures of stormtroopers doing awesome things



The stormtrooper whooshes past rustling leaves and crackling branches of the great oak.

He spies an ominous boulder in his path.

Leaping with all his might, he and his red companion soar over.

As his tail of earth leaves him, he comes to a landing.


The crunch of metal surrounds him.

His heart fills with dread

He gazes, finding his companion in ruins.

He moans, wishing he had taken the right path when the fork had come.

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