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Stephen Hawking is made of LEGOs in that picture. He was a theoretical physicist and a cosmologist. If you’ve seen him in photographs, you probably thought he looked a little.. uh… funky. Well, he had this disease called Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. People who are diagnosed with ALS were told they were only going to have two years left in their life because of this. Stephen Hawking lived for over 72 years after he was diagnosed with ALS, and is still living today. Isn’t that, like, awesome?

Other awesome creations are thing like these:

This tower made from 500,000 LEGO bricks is over 112 feet tall and weighs almost a whole metric ton. The students needed help from construction workers with cranes and lifts to assemble it. If you can can’t see it, the tower had to be suspended with metal wires to keep it from falling. It was made by students just like us, and they won the Guinness World Record for it!






Here are other resources and the attributions:

If you didn’t catch the hyperlinks, read about Stephen hawking here and here to read about ALS. To read the article about the LEGO tower, you can see it here. The featured image is Best LEGO Ever by griffith at MemeCenter. The next image is World’s Tallest LEGO Tower by Nadine DeNinno at International Business Times, or IBT.

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