Traditions, Traditions!

I have a few favorite holidays. My family has lots of traditions for those holidays. Here are the holidays and traditions:

First in the year- New Year’s Eve/Day:

New Year’s day in my house is boring. Everybody sleeps in super late. New Year’s Eve, however, is a different story. It’s just a normal day. Usually some relatives or friends come over. Eventually, it’s late enough that we turn on the Times Square ball drop countdown on TV. When really late in the night, there’s usually alcohol with the adults at this point, and people are tired, and other people are drunk, some people are both. And then YAY!! Huh? Oh yeah, the ball dropped. in this moment, some people are kissing. Eew! (I know that’s immature, but I’m only 12 okay?) After that, for some reason, like, nobody goes to sleep for 30 minutes. It’s a little invigorating. When I wake up, The house is all mine… Unless I’m the last one to wake up.

Next in the year – Halloween:

Image result for halloween

On Halloween, we put on our prepared costumes an head to my dad’s friend’s parents’ house. In that neighborhood, I go trick-or-treating with my siblings. When we come back (because it’s cold or our bags are too full), we exchange candy, and eat while the adults are arguing about politics or something. When it gets really late, we all go home.

Last in the year – Christmas:

Christmas in my family is the best and the worst. When my siblings and I wake up, we don’t immediately go downstairs and open presents. We eat breakfast, then we wait for relatives to arrive – and trust me, we have a TON so it takes forever for them to get to our house – and then we open presents. Usually, I get what I ask for, but my siblings pretty much get all of what they want (especially some huge presents that are bigger than my Death Star LEGO set box! (see the dimensions here)). After present opening, we have brunch which is a mixture of yummy breakfast items brought from different relatives. Then, everybody goes home and we mess with our newly un-boxed gifts.



1st image: Unknown by Daniel Frese at Pexels | via CC Creative Commons

2nd image: Happy Halloween by Artiom P at flickr | via CC Creative Commons

3rd image: Christmas Snowman by Unknown at Max Pixel | via CC Creative Commons



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