When you see it, you can only breath…

Alone in the woods, Axel ran. Away from something. Something he wished he had never seen.


“Go long, Axel!”

That was Axel’s best friend, Micheal. He threw a football over Axel’s head, into his front yard.

“I’ll get it,” said Axel.

He was about to bring it over when his mom called in through the door.

“Michael’s parents are about to arrive. You should start wrapping up.”

“But mom-”

“No whining, Axel. Now clean up.”



Later, after Michael left, Axel was picking at the dirt with a stick. The sky was darkening. He started to walk back inside. As he was in the doorway, a huge crash of thunder was overhead. He quickly jumped inside. His mom said, “It’s definitely going to rain soon.”


Axel was about to go upstairs into his room when his mother called him. “Axel, I think Charlie’s still outside!”

Charlie was their dog.

“I’ll get him.”

He was outside when he heard an even larger thunder crash. It started dribbling. He approached the dog house. The rain got harder. He bent down to see inside. When the rain was pouring so hard he could barely see in front of him, he saw a dreadful sight. No Charlie.

“Charlie!” Axel cried.

There was no way Charlie could hear him in the rain. Axel almost slipped on mud, when he saw they were dog tracks. He quickly started following them. Into the woods. He always thought it was so creepy an-

Axel slipped! He tumbled down into a small drop past the tree line. Or in Axel’s mind, the point of no return. He kept rolling until he smacked his head on a large tree root and became unconscious.


When he came to, he realized he had rolled farther and farther away from his home. He couldn’t see an opening anywhere, despite the fact that the rain had stopped. He found he was extremely thirsty, especially from his football game. He started walking along what he thought was a path until he spied a small pond. He immediately bolted toward it. He hoped so much that it would have fresh water. He stopped when he spotted a strange looking plant. No, it was a… figure. So creepy. But even worse, two glowing dots appeared parallel on its ‘head’. It approached Axel. But Axel couldn’t move. Its legs extended into the water to keep its body level. Slowly, gradually, Axel accelerated into a running sprint. The thing followed him. He kept running. Faster. Faster. He quickly glanced behind him. It was right behind him. He could see its gnarly jaws open wide. He ran even faster. Faster and longer than he had ever ran before. What happened next, he wish never happened. He tripped on a hidden tree root. He flew forward and landed in the dirt. The thing slowly plodded toward Axel. He was so terrified. He couldn’t move. What will he do?


Leave a comment below on what you think will happen next…


Attribution: Creepy Forest by MarieGrey at Deviant Art


  1. I really liked your story. That was very well made. I found no spots that needed improvement, but you could have stated when his football game was. I think Axel will survive, only to find it spying on him and haunting him everywhere he goes, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

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