About Me

Hi! This is my first blog, so sorry if anything’s a little weird or wrong.

do, however, have a cool idea for this. I could make a vertical anagram of my name!

Here it is:

Xander is the nickname I use now, whereas before, I went by A.J.

A while ago, my mom was taking the bar exam, so would have little “picnics” when she came home.

Now, at this moment, I have a two siblings; a sister, and a brother.

Dogs are my favorite type pet of pet. I have four of them.

Elephants. I rode on one when I went to Thailand. It saw an old enemy, and started getting rambunctious, while I was riding it! =O

Robotics engineering and/or systems biology are my careers I’m planning to pursue.

That’s all for now, in the blog about ME!


P.S.: Feel free to leave comments!

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